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Bearing Speed and Lubrication Factors || Dynaroll




For bearings with low-viscosity petroleum oil lubricant, the maximum operating speed is dictated by cage type and material, and centrifugal ball loads. In this ideal case the maximum operating inner ring rotation speed is given from the speed factor dN, where dN is the product of the bearing bore (d mm) times the maximum speed (N RPM). Depending on bearing design, dN can have values up to 600,000.

The maximum inner ring rotation speed with petroleum oil lubricant, Nmax RPM, is given for each bearing size in the individual bearing tables of this catalog. This value must be reduced by a lubricant factor fn to obtain the actual maximum inner ring operating speed of a bearing with a particular grease lubricant.

Nactual = Nmax . fn

Values of the lubricant factor fn are given in the grease lubricant charts.

In the case of outer ring rotation, maximum speeds are reduced by approximately 20%. For more specific information on maximum bearing speeds in different applications, contact Dynaroll.