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Purpose of Bearing Lubrication || Dynaroll




Lubrication increases bearing life in most operating environments. The positive effects of lubrication may be summarized as follows:
  • A lubricant film reduces friction and wear between the balls and raceways of the bearing, extending fatigue life.
  • Dissipates frictional heat and can provide additional cooling if lubricant is circulated.
  • Guards against corrosion and may help prevent foreign material from entering the bearing.
In addition to these general benefits, a good lubricant should have the following intrinsic properties:
  • Resists change in structure or consistency during prolonged service.
  • Resists excessive viscosity changes at temperature extremes.
  • Resists leakage, dripping or throw-off from rotating surfaces.
  • Compatibility with materials used in bearings, particularly seals and retainers.
  • Tolerate some contamination, including moisture, without loss of characteristics.
Other factors that are affected by lubricant choice include:
  • Noise level
  • Maximum operating speed
  • Torque
  • Storage time (shelf life)