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Let Dynaroll ensure that your assemblies meet your exacting torque specifications. Dyanroll's manufacturing process is set up to test up to 100% of your parts, thereby ensuring that every part meets with your expectations.

An analysis of continuous rotating torque over 360° or more can be a powerful tool in determining a variety of application-related bearing problems. When Dynaroll personnel test your parts, they maintain a record for future reference and analysis. Critical parts can have their test torque graphs printed and/or stored electronically.

For more information about low-level torque testing of assemblies and different types of faults, read our article "Principles of MicroTorque™ Testing."

MicroTorque™ testers manufactured by Dynaroll have torque resolution to 10 mg-mm (0.000014 oz-in) and can show raceway damage, contamination, misalignment and lubricant issues in small bearing assemblies.

Torque readings are in g-cm, N-m or mg-mm.

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M15W Torque Tester

Typical torque trace