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Dynaroll TorqueScope� Software

TorqueScope™ SOFTWARE

TorqueScope™ SOFTWARE
Every Dynaroll Torque Tester comes with a complete TorqueScope™ software package.

Flexible testing for many applications

TorqueScope screenshots
TorqueScope™ software gives a new level of flexibility in torque measurement. The intuitive user interface allows a test profile to be built step-by-step, specifying rotation angle, speed, direction and trigger and display conditions for each step. The user is immediately alerted to any testing inconsistencies and once a suitable test setup is developed it can be saved for future recall.

Typical test setups are:
  • Uni- or bi-directional pivot/bearing torque
  • Voice coil motor test with hard stop detection and motor Kt
  • Spindle motor torque with phase and cogging overlay
  • Flex circuit bias
  • Disk drive airlock torque
  • Media stiction
  • HSA assembly torque
  • Lobing detection (multiple revolution test)
  • Gyroscope pivot stick
  • Torque ranges .001 gm-cm to 10,000 gm-cm (.00002 - 140 oz-in)