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Dynaroll Ball Bearings Contract Manufacturing



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Dynaroll is a contract manufacturer of precision assemblies for medical, aerospace, computer peripheral, automation and other industies where out-sourcing of special mechanical assembly is an advantage. Customers basic application become turn-key design, executed under ISO-9001 process control.


Once the design process is complete (see section on Dynaroll design services), a complete validation can be undertaken to ensure that all design objectives have been met.


Dynaroll has manufactured assemblies for many different industries. After it receives a manufacturing order, Dynaroll personnel use any number of in-house capabilities and quality systems to ensure that the parts are made to the highest possible standard.


Whether component parts are made in Dynaroll's own temperature-controlled machine shop or by an outside vendor, inspection standards are agreed beforehand with the customer according to each application. Inspection criteria for in-process and final inspection are developed from the design and validation steps and are controlled under ISO 9001.


Documentation standards meet ISO 9001 and FDA-critical requirements. In particular, Dynaroll has developed an advanced DHR (Device History Record) system for critical applications. Complete manufacturing and service records for a mechanism are accessed from a bar-code serial number, as well as top-down/ bottom-up component traceability.